Maria Flavin(non-registered)
Your photography is stunning. Thank you for sharing these amazing images.
Bob lalas(non-registered)
The pictures you have a great i love to at those picture its very inspiring. I'm so grateful i found this website.
pam burrell(non-registered)
Truly awesome
Cris Raven(non-registered)
Nicely done!
Chris Provost(non-registered)
This photos and the others on your website/FB page are truly amazing. Is there any chance of getting a calendar made? I'm in need of a 2013 calendar and would love to look at one with your pictures. Until then, I look forward to seeing your amazing shots! Thank you!!!
Wow brother...awesome! You are truly God's artist, capturing His wonders and glories in a very unique artform! I really marvel at the foregrounds you use, also, such as old buildings and tractors, and trees, bales of hay, and fields of corn and sunflowers, rivers. It is an awe inspiring contrast beyond the human and the divine, the temporal and the eternal, the fragile, perishing works of man and the enduring and eternally abiding jewels of the Creator. You capture the inexpressible beauty of creation in a way that extends beyond livd daily experience to a sort of purified visual condensate. It transcends the moment and compresses emotions and experience in a fantastically surreal way. And the music is perfect--it all just resonates in the soul. Finally, I am a huge fan of South Dakota and the Black Hills, so I appreciate your emphasis on prairies, rivers, & trees. Again, wow...mind blowing! Again, I'm calling you "God's artist." Blessings to you brother. Keep it coming!
Dick Miller(non-registered)
Out of this world!
colorado lineman(non-registered)
I grew up in South Dakota. Now seeing your pics makes me want to leave wright now and head to what i call home.I will be covering my walls so the Dakota prarie will always be there. You should make full wall pics
Thea from Ontario, Canada(non-registered)
Your work defies a description in writing that would do it justice. It truly must be seen to be appreciated. I have always been an aficionado of the night sky but to see it in time lapsed photography is quite breath taking. Thank you for sharing your passion. I look forward to seeing more ;-)
Lori Floyd(non-registered)
OMG these are ssooooo Awesome!!! Your pictures are very beautiful and i am hoping to share alot of your videos and photos. I am a lover of the skies, stars, the northern lights its!!
also and to see these so breathe taking......Thank you so much for posting for others to see
Love the pics and the country settings of the old house and farmland beautiful!!!
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